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    as with

    Chesapeake Bay is an area that has been used for oyster harvesting since the early eighteenth centure.
    As with the timber and mining industries of other states, the Maryland legislature spent decades searching for the best balance between economic growth and preservation of the local ecology.

    what does the 'as with' mean in the beginning of the second sentence?
    it sounds odd to me coz it seems to compare 'industries' with 'legislature.'


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    Re: as with

    As with here means "just like," or "in the same manner as."

    I agree that the sentence has been transformed so that the legislature seems to be modifying the industries, but the sentence is correct as written. This is its simple form:

    Maryland balances the needs of its ecosystems and the needs of the oyster industry in the same way that other states have balanced their ecological needs with their timber or mining industries.


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