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    Red face avid fly fisherman

    When I was reading a story about how to keep yourself away from lightening, I came across this sentence. I find it hard to make sense of it, esp. the "fly fisherman". can you help me?

    the original words:
    "I am an avid fly fisherman, I always find myself in a raft when the storm comes..."

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    Re: avid fly fisherman

    Well, fly fisherman stand in the river when they fish, but they also have use of a small raft, usually an inflatable raft. There's also the informal use of "raft", meaning a large amount, as in "I always find myself in a raft of fish..", but for that sense or meaning a prepositional phrase is required: "a raft of fish. You couldn't use "a raft" on its own for that meaning.

    Hope that helps.


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