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    hello all, im Hao from Vietnam.
    im so pleasure to know this wed. it help me to know gain about english. i like english and i want to study and speak well. im studying college in the Philippines. i hope this wed will help me to do well english.

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    Re: newcomer

    Welcome, hao.

    Here are some suggestions to help you improve your English.

    Hello all,
    I'm Hao from Vietnam. I'm so pleased to have found this website. It helps me gain knowledge about English. I like English and I want to study it and speak it well. I'm studying at college in the Philippines. I hope this site will help me do well in English.

    All the best to you, Hoa.

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    Re: newcomer

    thanks you so much, Casiopea
    Casiopea,where are you from?
    hope all the best to you.

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    how to do study pronounciation

    hi, everybody
    i have big problem about pronounciation. can you help me?
    thanks a lot .

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