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    Please help me with correcting my grammar

    i need help in the tenses in the next two stories.... thanks for help me.

    After he bought he necklace he headed home and handed the necklace to the wife. Madame Loisel stared at the necklace while tears started to fall down her pale face.
    “What’s wrong, dear? Isn’t it the right one?”
    she pushed a small black case in his hand. Then turns away.
    “What’s this? You’ve found the necklace?”
    “Yes, I found it stuck to the lace in my inner dress. I caught the maid sneaking off with in the yard.”
    There was a moment of joy. he was not completely relieved.
    “What should we do with the necklace that we bought?” Madame Loisel asked
    “What if the jeweler won’t take it back? You know it’s hard to sell the this necklace in it’s prize.”
    “Well, I know a feel people who lives on trading these things. I will go the jeweler first”
    “Then I’ll return this necklace to Madame Forestier. I don’t want her to wait any longer.”
    They picked up the necklaces and rushed out to return the necklaces. Just before the shop closes the husband went in and asked for the jewel maker and showed him the necklace.
    “This isn’t the one I sold you this morning! How dare you trying to fool me with this shinny glass of yours!”
    “What do you mean ‘glass’? this is the one I bought from you.”
    all of a sudden he realized that he had taken the necklace that belongs to Madame Forestier. Without a word he stood up, run out of the shop and chased after his wife.
    Meanwhile, Madame Loisel is at the door steps of Madame Forestier.
    “Mathilde! What are you doing out here in the cold? Come in quick before you catch a cold.”
    “ Oh, I am returning the necklace that you kindly lend to me.”
    “ That can wait. Now come in I have to show you the new dress I bought, and I even have a gift for you!”
    They chattered happily while they while into the room. Everything was interrupted when her husband showed up at the door with the same necklace that Madame Loisel is holding. There was some awkward silence. But Madame Loisel and her husband finally told her friend the whole story. Madame Forestier took the necklace that belong to her and said. “ Well, why didn’t you tell me in the beginning. It could have saved you some trouble.”


    It is great to be alive! Sadly Sammy can not say the same thing, because he has had a hard life. He lost all his body parts, but they were replaced by machines one by one. In the end, he was transformed into a “Robot Sammy”. When did Sammy really stop being alive? It is believed that Sammy has joined up with Hades when he traded his brain with the machines. In other words, he is dead when his brain stopped functioning because it is the last part of him that works; also it is a very important part of his
    Earlier in his accidents, he loses a few body parts and becomes disabled, but it isn’t close to death. He is well alive because he could make decisions for himself, and he could still respond and communicate to others as a real person. Which is more alive than a computer telling the ‘body’ what to do. Also, a computer can not "think outside of the box". It can not create ideas nor make dictions nor have true emotions like a real, living human.
    Before his brain was completely deteriorated, the food that he takes in and the waste that comes out of him have an actual purpose of feeding his brain. Whereas, when it is gone, he no longer has anything to feed. His mechanical body doesn’t use that kind of energy. which brings out the question, what kind of living being doesn’t need to eat?
    Therefore, Sammy stopped being alive after he switched his brain with a computer. Because he had completely transformed into a ‘robot’. He does not need to eat but can easily stay working with a battery in its back. People may still believe that he is still alive in the ‘body’, but there is nothing living in that body belongs to Sammy.

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    Re: Please help me with correcting my grammar

    What help are you looking for?

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