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    Post Motivation letter

    I am writing this letter to apply for a place in the Masterís program. Masters in Finance now has become my utmost priority. There needs to be Post
    Graduation Level education supporting my Curriculum Vitae. Markets demands have grown out exponentially, with many Graduates coming into the Job
    Market every year competition is getting nothing but stronger. This is enough for me to consider doing a Masterís.
    One of many accomplishments of my life was earning my FRM, CA-IPCC, Certified Investment Advisor and DTIRM. Beginning with my successful
    entry in Chartered Accountancy at the age of 19, I completed CA-CPT with first class marks. It must be highlighted that CA entrance has a pass rates as
    low as 22%-24 %( Thatís just the beginning). Upon Completion I have to Venture into even more rigorous courses in India, CA IPCC (Integrated Professional
    Competence course a Degree Equivalent). This must be bought into your attention that this course has mere 6-8% pass rates, further if you consider
    people clearing all the subjects at a time then this rate falls down to 2-3%. That was a quite an achievement for me to clear all the subjects in single sitting.
    Once I completed the course I was eligible to enter the Job Market mandated by Statute. For that, I did my tenure at Rajendran Viji and Co, Chartered
    Accountants, Chennai one of the oldest firms with almost 35 years of experience. I worked there for 3yrs (I have got a letter of recommendation from one
    of the partners there, which will be found in the attachments further explaining my work there). I enjoyed my time there, before moving on to my real
    aspirations which led to a string of courses.
    I experienced a different world opening up to me; excited by a new encouraging environment, I excelled academically. Thatís where I found my
    new interest in Risk management after completing my Diploma in Treasury Investment and Risk Management (DTIRM) - 2015/2016. For which I have to
    attend several private classes to excel in 3 completely new subjects Treasury, Investment and Risk Management. Topics were new and I found myself sunk
    into volumes of books, thanks to tutors which I hired. Everything paid off and I was successful in completing these Papers with ease and Secured First class.
    (DITRM is issued by Indian Institute of Banking and Finance backed by FIMMDA an apex body that governs and directs RESERVE BANK OF INDIA with
    regard to Fixed Income, Money Markets and Derivatives).
    With a lifelong passion for Finance, I have developed a keen interest in the Risk Management. After Completing DTIRM from Indian Institute for
    Banking and Finance, I was motivated enough by my teachers that Risk Management could be a career. So my search began for a course in Risk
    Management that has Global Presence and Value. Which led me to GARP (USA) course FRM (Financial Risk Management) one of the Triple Crown courses.
    This is a very demanding and toughest courses in the field of Finance. It took me a tight schedule of disciplined study to clear FRM (I) in Jan/18 (with 1st
    Quartile in 2 out of 4 Subjects), now with FRM (ll) to be attempted in May/2019 (Notice 1yr gap between FRM(l) and FRM(ll)).
    In 2018, I steered myself into Investment Banking Sector, which bought me to Hyderabad. One of the major Financial and IT hubs of India. Here
    I attended Private classes to enable me to attempt NISM (National Institute for Investments and Markets) Examination. In India, every intermediary working
    in financial market or those linked to financial products has to go through these examinations mandated under law by Securities and Exchange Board of
    India. I gave my CIA (Certified Investment Advisor) Level 1 in Dec/18 and Level 2 Jan/19. I was able to clear these mentally challenging examinations with
    surprising results. Now I am among a few handful students/professionals who have cleared NISM CIA in their First attempt. During this I also cleared
    another course offers by NISM, The Series VIII Equity Derivatives which I cleared with 86%. One has to note that NISM examinations have Negative marking
    for all the Courses making it even more challenging to pass and degree of error gets quite narrowed down.
    As a student, I feel that my success lies in the fact that I approached my studies as if I were a professional (not student). I always enrolled in the
    most challenging courses and worked with professors and teachers that I felt were the most qualified in my areas of interest. Never did I settle for
    something small.
    My focus has always been with an eye toward graduate school and a career as a professional in Finance Sector. Aware of the rigors of graduate
    study, I have not only completed a necessary language requirement in English but excelled with a good 7.5 band in IELTS (by British Council). I feel that
    my life experiences as well as my commitment to education would be an asset to your esteemed University. Your University has an exciting program that
    is feasible both financially and in Quality of Education. A Masters from recognized university like yours and FRM, this combination will provide the strong
    background I desire in order to shape my future interests. I feel that a German University would be great for an aspiring Ph.D. candidate. Itís the Germans
    who taught the world about research Universities, pioneering a new breed of Academic Institutions. Also I can gain the advantage to learn to cooperate
    with people from different backgrounds and Learning Deutsch will finish my goal of 5 languages (only 1% of world population speak 5 languages fluently).
    With my strong academic background, I am confident that I am qualified and able to perform well in this program. Studying at your university
    would be such a major accomplishment for me and will help me to pursue my future career.
    Thank you very much for considering my application. I look forward to your positive response.

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    Re: Motivation letter

    You submitted your first letter about a week ago, and I spent some time looking through it and gave you feedback. Emsr2d2 also replied to your thread. However, you didn't even bother to acknowledge our responses. Why should we continue to reply to your threads?

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