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Thread: call the shots

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    call the shots

    I know it means "to be in charge", but could you suggest any other meaning in daily conversation? thanks

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    Re: call the shots

    To "call the shots" basically means to make the decisions; whoever is calling the shots has authority. Hope this helps!

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    Re: call the shots

    thank you so much,
    I have others: to face the music, to carry the can, to pass the buck, to mark the line, to sit on the fence
    basically I know what they mean, but Im looking for other definitions in daily conversation. thanks!

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    Re: call the shots

    OK, here goes:

    to face the music---means to accept the consequences of your actions; basically, when you did something wrong, dealing with the consequences is "facing the music"

    to carry the can---similar to "facing the music", but this one means taking the blame for something which wasn't your fault (at least not totally)

    to pass the buck---pretty much the opposite of the two idioms above; "passing the buck" is not taking responsibility, but blaming somebody else; basically, saving yourself from getting into trouble by getting somebody else into trouble

    to mark the line doesn't mean anything as far as I know...did you mean to "toe the line"?

    to sit on the fence---means that you don't take either side in an argument or debate, either because you can't decide or because you just don't care

    Hope this helps!

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    Re: call the shots

    Youve been very helpful. Ive confirmed those idioms already. Thanks
    By the way, where are you from? and where do you work?

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    Re: call the shots

    No problem. I'm from northern California but I'm actually currently a student at the University of Southern California. What about you?

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