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    Smile Assertiveness test ?????

    Hi everyone,
    I just wanted to ask a quick question if that's OK.I went to parent's meeting as usuall and I was a bit upset that the teacher didn't present my childs work at the end of the annual term ,and I'm thinking that maybe she's being funny or didn't like me, but a friend of my mine suggested that maybe it's a method that schools establish the parent's ability of communicating or being assertive as I didn't like to ask for it.
    Could anyone here comfirm if this is some kind of assertiveness test or maybe explain why she done this I'm just curious that's all.

    I would appreciate any advice and feel free to PM me if you like.

    Chris ;)

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    Re: Assertiveness test ?????

    I don't know about teachers in Wales, but where I work the teachers are much too busy teaching to play silly mind games. The most likely explanation is that your child's teacher overlooked, or misplaced your child's work. If any of my childern's teachers had ever refused to discuss my child's progress after I asked about it, then that teacher would not still be teaching. So, just ask the teacher for a conference about your child's progress. I think your fears about mind-game conspiracies will be put to rest.

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    Question Re: Assertiveness test ?????


    Thanks for your reply I do appreciate it.It would concern me if they are being funny towards me for no reason.

    Any thoughts from our UK members?


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