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  1. Marstead

    Books on American Slang, Dialects, Idioms and Accents

    I have a friend at my workplace who hails from Ethiopia and speaks English well, but he is interested in learning more about American slang, dialects, etc. I have found several wonderful online resources, but he does not have internet access and asked if there are any books I could suggest.
    Does anyone know of any good reading material on any of these subjects? He said even dictionaries (in the case of slang) would suffice, but I was thinking a basic treatment would be best. I found a lot of work on British English but very little on American English.
    Thank you!

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    Re: Books on American Slang, Dialects, Idioms and Accents

    Welcome, Marstead.

    Have a look-see here.

    All the best.


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