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    Question Bruce Almighty Movie Trailer

    I've transcribed the movie trailer of the Bruce Almighty, but I'm not sure what I've put down is right or wrong. Please look at this transcript and the movie trailer. The movie trailer is located at "".

    Thank you very much.

    GRACE: Sweety? Time to get up.
    BRUCE: Uh-uh..good dream, no.
    BRUCE: Grace, the dog! Bad dog!
    NARRATION: Have you ever felt...
    BRUCE: I'm Bruce Nolan for Eyewitness News.
    EVAN: Hey! Wacky Bruce!
    NARRATION: ...unappreciated?
    EVAN: In the news room, we don't wear hearnets.
    BRUCE: God, why do you hate me?
    NARRATION: Have you ever thought life...
    BRUCE: What are you doing over there?
    NARRATION: ...was unfair?
    NARRATION: Have you ever complained about it?
    GRACE: Geez, so God is picking on you...?
    BRUCE: What is that?
    BRUCE: The only one around here not doing his job is you!
    GOD: You must be Bruce.
    BRUCE: Who are you?
    GOD: I'm God.
    BRUCE: Ha-ha-ha. Please.
    BRUCE: OK. How many fingers am I holding out?
    GOD: Seven.
    BRUCE: Ah-Ha!
    GOD: You've been doing a lot of complaining about me, Bruce.
    GOD: You think you can do it better, so here's your chance.
    GOD: When you leave this building, you will be endowed with all my powers.
    BRUCE: I've got the power. Boom!
    NARRATION: On May, 23rd...
    GRACE: It's funny, I woke up this morning and I's aware my boobs got bigger.
    GRACE: Do they look bigger to you?
    BRUCE: Bigger...?
    GOD: Having fun?
    NARRATION: From the director of the "Liar Liar"...
    GOD: You took the job, Bruce. I suggest you get to it.
    MESSAGE: You've got prayers.
    NARRATION: Have this story of supreme power.
    GRACE: I've never seen the moon that big.
    BRUCE: We really shouldn't waste it.
    NARRATION: Do by in intervention.
    BRUCE: Sam.
    NARRATION: Improve.
    EVAN: I'm Evan Baxter. And here's what's making news.
    NARRATION: That heaven...
    NARRATION: ...has a wicked sense of humour.
    SUSAN: Looks like my new co-anchor may need a glass of water.
    NARRATION: Jim Carry
    BRUCE: Heigh-ho, Silver, away!
    GOD: You've had my powers for a little over a week.
    GOD: How many people have you helped?
    GOD: Well, I guest you can't now, being dead and all.
    BRUCE: I'm dead?
    GOD: Nah, I'm just messing with you.
    NARRATION: Bruce Almighty
    GRACE: Oh!
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    Re: Bruce Almighty Movie Trailer

    NARRATION: Have this story of supreme power.- Comes this...
    NARRATION: Do by in intervention.- divine intervention
    GOD: Well, I guest guess

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    Smile Re: Bruce Almighty Movie Trailer

    Thank you very much,Tdol!
    I really appreciate this. :)

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