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    Question Miscellaneous..

    I so much appreciate what you are doing!I need your help again.
    Are the following correct?
    1. He could read people's mind / minds at the early age of 10.
    2.(a riddle) What goes black into water / the water and comes out red?
    3.You close / shut a suitcase.
    4. The plural of staff (a set of five horizontal lines on which music is written) is staves?
    5.In company with / of others?
    6..Which is correct
    a. He used to totally disagree with me.
    b.He used to disagree totally with me.
    8. Is this one correct: "Why didn't you write a note for me to know where you were?"
    9. She would immediately cut in in a high pitched-voice.(correct/wrong)
    10. To be in want for / of something?
    11.Which is less formal "to allow sb. to do sth." or "to let"?
    A big thanks,

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    Re: Miscellaneous..

    4.not sure, should be in dictionary
    7.haven't a clue !
    8. sounds strange, but cant see why wrong. " I'd know where.." is normal
    10. of
    11. let

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    Re: Miscellaneous..

    Welcome to UE, Angela!

    Can you think of a reason for each of the answers that Bluefields has provided?


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