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Thread: Subject/object

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    1.What is a word group? Is a word group a sentence or not? Is phrase a word group? Is clause a word group?

    2. What can be subject or object of a sentence? Is that only noun can be a subject or an object? I donít think so. How about word group and clause? Can they become a subject or an object of a sentence?

    e.g.1) Shopping for clothing and other items (subject) satisfies personal needs. The subject here is a word group (I am not sure about the definition of the 'word group') I guess.

    2) To design a mall (subject) is to create an artificial environment. The subject is also a word group. BTW, the object here is to create or to create an artificial environment?

    3) Whether the program would succeed (subject) depended on door-to-door advertising. The subject is a clause.

    4) It was surprising that Mary was nominated. Here the object is a clause.


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    Re: Subject/object

    1 A word group is a phrase.
    2 Yes, they can


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