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    Have been or had been?

    Many have been killed in the blast.
    Many had been killed in the blast.

    Which one is correct and when do i know it is the right timing to use have been or had been?

    Also look at this sentence:

    'We have paid for the flights, but we haven't paid the travel insurance yet.

    I thought that since it is past tense,it should be" We had paid" but why "have"?Can someone please explain?Thank you

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    Re: Have been or had been?

    Hi Kindachi,
    Both are correct. If you are talking abt a recent event #1 is OK (the same with the flights reservation). As to #2, I envisage, for instance, smb telling a story:
    When I came to the village, it was almost deserted. Many people had been killed in the blast.
    Basically, you should learn how and when the Past Perfect Tense is used. Sorry, can't give you any links off hand.
    Best wishes.


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