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    Question Reference material for teaching students to answer questions

    Was hoping someone could direct me to a website or book that gives guidance in answering questions.... from beginner to high level.

    Things like - how much of the question to include in the answer at varying levels, how to approach answering a question etc....

    Basically anything that can help with developing a systematic approach to answering questions, as a student develops their English ability.


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    Re: Reference material for teaching students to answer questions

    A lot of that sort of information might be exam-specific, which is where there would be more fixed expectations. In general usage, I don't think you have to include parts of the question in order to answer it:
    Qu- What time is it?
    Ans- 3
    This strikes me as a perfectly valid answer to a question. In some cases, it might be more appropriate to give a fuller answer, but it is just adding words to expand the answer, which could be to aid the listener or to make the answer more grammatically complete, but in most circumstances the answer above would be fine.

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