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    Question Prepositions and more...

    Tell me, please, if the following are correct:
    1. (title of a test paper) Superlatives ... on Animal Planet.
    2.You're too good a person so you tend to be foolled by your business partners.
    3. Giving it a deep thought... (title given to a joke:"Policeman (examining broken window):"But it's more serious than I thought.It's broken on both sides!")
    4.Addressing a pupil who is playing truant: "Why aren't you at school today?"
    A big thanks,

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    Re: Prepositions and more...

    Angela, it is a little difficult to judge accurately, as there are some errors and omissions in your sentences. Let me just give back some edited versions with my corrections:

    1. Superlatives ... on Animal Planet. ('On a TV show', but it is impossible to be sure because I don't know what precedes the preposition.)

    2.You're too good a person, so you tend to be fooled by your business partners. (A less casual alternative: 'You are so good a person that you tend...')

    3. Giving it deep thought. (no article)

    4."Why aren't you at/in school today?"


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