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    T-Shirt message

    Hi I have a tee that says 'make like a tree and leave'...any idea of what that means?

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    Re: T-Shirt message

    A bad pun, based on the fact that:
    'leaf' as an intransitive verb used for trees (to put forth leaves, to bud) sounds similar to 'leave' (to go away).

    So it's basically telling someone, 'Be like a tree - go away.'

    People here say it at parties when they're bored and want to go: 'Let's make like a tree and leave.'

    Other examples would be:
    'Let's make like a dog and flea' - dogs have fleas, flea sounds like flee (to run away)
    'Let's make like a shepherd and get the flock out of here' - flock (of sheep) sounds like f***

    I could go on , but you get the idea...:)


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    Re: T-Shirt message

    Make like an amoeba and split.
    Make like a bread truck and haul buns.
    Make like drummer and beat it.

    ....don't get me started!

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