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    Computer assisted language learning

    Hello everybody,
    How are you?I am excited to be in this forum community.Currently, I am working on a website to encourage autonomous learning for my students. Just wondering what will happen if students do not have access to the internet? How to address the technphobia teachers so that they can be good facilitators in the autonmous learning?
    All views and suggestions are most welcomed. Thank you.

    Meng Lai

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    Re: Computer assisted language learning

    1 You might be able to provide those students with a download, if they have access to computers.
    2 I think that the training is the most important- often, institutes invest a lot in harware and software, but skimp on the training so the IT facilities remain underused. Take people step by step and don't try to introduce too much. Also, ensuring that the site is relatively clear and easy to use helps.

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