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    How about this dialogue?

    I would be very grateful for your opinions on the below dialogue.

    M: Sorry I'm late. I tried to call ,but my cell phone battery was dead.

    W: What happened? You're usually so punctual.

    M: The traffic was impossible. There was no way I could've avoided it.

    W: It's always possible this time of day.

    What do you think of woman's last statement? Does this sound odd?

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    Re: How about this dialogue?

    It sounds odd and it doesn't sound odd.

    1. It sounds odd if the Man was expecting a positive statement reiterating his point of view.
    2. It doesn't sound odd if the Woman is a boss or someone superior to the Man and is trying to hold him responsible.

    But if we don't know their relation, I think the sentence should be quite normal.

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    Cool Re: How about this dialogue?

    I think the last statement is odd, because it says above " The traffic was impossible." and the following sentence means the reason of late isn't the traffic.

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