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    Tha Adverbs-noun Rules

    Hi There!
    I Was Just Wondering If You May Tell Me Where Could I Find The Rules To Define A Word As Noun Or As Adverb, It's Just My Students Ask, For This Reason I Wold Like To Give Them A Text Where Everything Is Well Explained, Thanks For Your Colaboration,

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    Re: Tha Adverbs-noun Rules

    air,Jasmine,Mr.Smith,Ms.Hani,human,book,shirt,worl d,television,video,swimming,singing,dancing,...... ...
    All names are "NOUNS".

    A word or a group of wrods which modifies a verb of a sentence is "ADVERB".
    I love you very much.
    She dances on the stage.
    I will come to you tomorrow.
    I have come here to study English.
    Without adverb, the sentences above are complete.

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    Red face Re: Tha Adverbs-noun Rules

    Greetings! I just want to learn more about english language and the correct usage of the words.

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