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    Give me a sentence to rephrase, please.

    Dear English teachers,

    I thought of a way for training my English. Please, check my sentence and tell me if it's correct.

    "I think this room needs to be repainted" → "My view, regarding the state of where I am, is that this room, which I am currently in, is in high need of being repainted."

    The task is to rephrase the sentence into a sentence that has at least 20 words, and has the meaning as close to the original sentence as possible. Minus points for bad punctuation.
    Also, if you want to play with me, you can give me a sentence to rephrase.

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    Re: Give me a sentence to rephrase, please.

    In my opinion that is completely backwards. You can improve your English by taking long, wordy sentences and paring them down whilst retaining all subtleties of meaning. Making short sentences longer generally makes them worse.

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