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    Prof. Dr. Maksym KovalenGreetings of Peace!
    I am currently an MPhil Student at XXXXXX the campus in the Department of Chemistry, working under the advisement of Professor Dr.YYY in Nanomaterials on its sensing, bioimaging application focusing on lifestyle diseases. I wish to pursue my career in the research field and am seeking a position in eminent universitiesHere with the help of XXXX, we have designed a project on the sensing of Various lifestyle diseases using their biomarkers on nanomaterials especially on carbon quantum dots. From this lab, I obtained skills in synthesis and characterization of carbon quantum dots and their wide range application in bioimaging and sensing, which has focused my interest on nanomaterial and their application. The laboratory resources at the University of Kerala would enable to expand my further research and seek publication. Here in this lab I also got an opportunity to assist in various projects which were done by various students which helped me to extend my knowledge on various nanomaterials their preparation and applications.In May 2017 I got the master’s degree in Pure and Applied Chemistry. During my last academic year, I had a chance to do the project in National Institute of Technology. There I gained profound knowledge in synthesis and characterization of biomass-derived chemicals. My thesis is related to the Synthesis of dialkoxy methyl furan under heterogeneous catalysis. My college major has included a variety of theoretical courses as well as a great deal of laboratory experience. I am a hard worker, focused, and capable of producing high-quality and thorough work under time constraints.I am familiar with the hardware and software knowledge of computers and operating systems like Linux, Windows, Linux Servers, etc. From my curriculum vitae and motivation letter, it is proved that I am interested as well as expertize in the field of Chemistry.

    As an aspirant researcher, I believe these educational values I possess will be put to full use if I am able to pursue a Ph.D. in your research group. I would be very grateful, therefore, if you could kindly consider me for a Ph.D. position under your guidance. I have enclosed a detailed curriculum vitae, motivation letter, transcripts and recommendation letters and my master thesis copy along with this letter, for your kind consideration.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon. Thank you very much for your consideration
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    I am familiar with the hardware and software of computers anb operating systems ....


    As an aspiring researcher ....

    The word "chemistry" is not ordinarily capitalized.

    What project did you work on?

    That first paragraph is rather long.

    Not a professional teacher

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