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    Hi, I learned a new word “unpurged” in a sentence about an unpurged inspectional report by FDA.

    I think I understand the meaning (it contains certain business or personal information which needs to be reviewed and deleted before disclosing to the general public, isn’t it?), but I was wondering in what kind of situation you use the word other than inspection.

    I searched Google and found some examples used in the medical field, like “unpurged versus purged peripheral blood stem cells” and “unpurged autologous bone marrow transplantation”.
    Do you use the word in daily conversations, too?
    If so, could you give me examples?

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    Re: "unpurged"

    It's not a common term- I would only use it when something would normally expect to be purged but wasn't.

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    Re: "unpurged"

    I see, thank you Tdol!


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