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    ... or what doesn't work at all [...] PowerPoint ...

    (At time 11:49)

    And in the comment section tell us about what you think makes a good PowerPoint or what doesn't work at all [or] PowerPoint. Or even better, the worst PowerPoint you ever seen. [Let's saw] the comment, leave a link. I wanna see it. ... Wow, nice..., oh, I [or I've] told you over 500,000 times I don't take milk in my coffee.

    Could you help me with the text in red?
    I am not a teacher. If there is anything ungrammatical in my post, please correct it. I am grateful for your help.

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    Re: ... or what doesn't work at all [...] PowerPoint ...

    In item 1, he does seem to say "or" although it makes no sense. But "or" is all I can hear. The second one is a muttered "Let us know in the comments." In item 3, I'm pretty sure I can hear "I've" although it could be just my brain playing tricks, since I know it should be "I've." In just the same way our eyes can deceive us into seeing things that should be there but aren't.

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