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Thread: Parallelism

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    If you combine the following sentences into one concise sentence using a parallel structure, which is correct, a) or b)? Are both a) and b) correct and acceptable?

    1. I like the people of other countries.
    2. I like the customs of other countries.
    3. I like the weather of other countries.

    a) I like the people, customs, and weather of other countries.
    b) I like the people, the customs, and the weather of other countries.

    In b), placing "the" before each noun can be redundant, but is it still acceptable as a sentence?

    According to one artcile mentioning the parallel structure, it says: parallelism requires that an article (a, an or the) or preposition applying to all members of a series must either appear before the first item only or be repeated before each item.

    If this is true, I think b) can be acceptable as well, right?

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    Re: Parallelism

    What you read is correct, as are both of your sentences.

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