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    Post Productive Leisure Activities

    Leisure time is thought to be the time people use to relax and do nothing. However, it has been proved that not all leisure activities are based on doing nothing. Most of them have benefits for mental, physical and spiritual health. Reading, dancing and meditating are three leisure activities that can be productive and help people grow intellectually, physically and spiritually, respectively.Reading is a beneficial leisure activity by which people grow intellectually as it helps expand peopleĀ’s vocabulary, open their minds and improve focusing.To begin with, intellectual growth is directly tied in with reading. Books are the principal source of knowledge around the world. One of the most remarkable benefits of reading is that it broadens readersĀ’ knowledge and vocabulary. Everything a person reads fills their head with new information than, eventually, will be useful. Reading not only helps people widen their vocabulary, but also opens their mind. Since they probably read books from different authors, they are in contact with different ideologies or points of view. Furthermore, reading improves peopleĀ’s focus and concentration. When people read a book, all of their attention is focused on the story.
    Dancing is a fantastic activity for it improves peopleĀ’s physical and psychological health and social skills. Firstly, dancing is a good way to strengthen the bones and being more flexible. As dancing involves using all muscles, the more dance types a person learns, the more flexible they will become. Secondly, dancing helps people fight depression. Dancing stirs up the endorphins in peopleĀ’s brains , which help them feel better. Thirdly, dancing can help people improve their social skills. Usually, people go dancing to clubs or academies and therefore get to know other people with the same or similar interests as them.Meditating is considered to be a really healthy activity because it reduces stress, controls anxiety and may help fight addictions. Stress is one of the main reasons why people try meditation. When people stress, the levels of cortisol increases. It has been proved that meditation reduce the inflammation caused by stress. In addition, meditation reduces symptoms of anxiety such as phobias, social anxiety, paranoid thoughts, among others. Meditating can also help people control job-related anxiety in high-pressure work environments. Finally, meditation may help fight addictions. When people meditate, they develop a mental discipline. This discipline may help them break dependencies by increasing their self-control and awareness of triggers for addictive behaviours. In short, it is not true that free time is always wasted doing nothing. These three leisure activities before mentioned are both healthy and productive. Leisure time can be spent wisely to improve and grow in many aspects of peopleĀ’s lives.
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    Re: Productive Leisure Activities

    Hi vazquezcan, and welcome.
    Are you preparing for some kind of exam? If so, which one, and when are you planning to sit for it?
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