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    Hi everybody!
    I'd like you to tell me if the following are correct or wrong:
    1.On his birthday, he had some great fun up in the mountains.
    2.The sky was covered by / with dark clouds.
    3. field work / fieldwork / field-work
    4.female opera / operatic star
    5.The music was divine and the food tasty (should I add "was" in the second clause or is the sentence ok ?)
    6.The neighbours sent for the local priest who was well known for his wisdom.
    but: a well-known priest (well-known is an adjective here)
    A big thanks,

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    Re: Correct/wrong...

    1- I would delete 'some'
    2 I would use 'with'
    3 I would use it as a single word
    4 Opera sounds better
    5 OK
    6 It's an adjective in both


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