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    kindly check

    Dear Teachers

    I am giving GMAT exam. The essay written below is a part of an exercise :Analysis of issue. Could someone kndly check grammatical mistakes and other aspects.

    Q] The best way to give advice to other people is to find out what they want and then advice them how to attain it.

    Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the opinion expressed above.Support your point of view with examples, reasons from your own life, reading and observation.

    Ans]The author suggests that the best possible way to help someone is to give advice on the issues they want. This suggestion sounds plausible.

    First of all, people would like to have advices only on the issues they want to sort on not on others. For instance a doctor first enquires about the medical problem from the patient and then treats it accordingly. This also enable the advisor to give the right advice.

    Secondly, it helps the person taking the advice to bear the responsibilities of the failures. Moreover, even the best teachers cannot help students who are not willing to learn or who themselves have no thirst. Infact, the role of the teachers is to create a thirst for knowledge. Everyone has to work for their destiny on their own

    Some might argue that some people are not capable of finding what they need. Unfortunately, these people suffer from failures after failures and giving advice doesnot make a difference because they suffer from paralysis of analysis and act little on the advice given.

    In short, the value of advice and adviser remains till he is asked to give advise rather than doing it voluntarily and it is the best way to give advise ie only when it is asked
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    Re: kindly check

    This also enable- third person singular
    advices - not used in the plural
    responsibilities of the failures- for their
    themselves have no thirst- for what?
    advice and adviser- shopuld be sepcific
    he is asked- can't women give advice?

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    Re: kindly check

    drrohitbaslas, here are a few suggestions.

    "I am giving GMAT exam." --> I am taking the GMAT (exam).

    "...and it is the best way to give advise ie only when it is asked"

    give advise ie --> give advice is

    Finally, be consistent with spellings - at one place you have
    used "adviser" (In short, the value of advice and adviser remains...)
    and at another place you have used "advisor"
    (This also enable the advisor to give the right advice.)
    Both spellings are correct, but stick with one for consistency.

    "This also enable the advisor..." --> This also enables the advisor ...

    Good luck on your GMAT.
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