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    There's no reasoning about


    Can anybody tell me what There's no reasoning about these things means exactly?

    "I'll turn in here on the floor if you don't mind," said Edward. "I know it's beastly rot, but I can't stand it. The room they've put me into, it's an attic as big as a barn-and there's a great door at the end, eight feet high, and it leads into a sort of horror hole-bare beams and rafters, and black as night. I know I'm an abject duffer, but there it is-I can't face it."
    Vincent was sympathetic; though he had never known a night terror that could not be exorcized by pipe, book, and candle.
    "I know, old chap. There's no reasoning about these things," said he, and so on.
    "You can't despise me more than I despise myself," Edward said. "I feel a crawling hound. But it is so. I had a scare when I was a kid, and it seems to have left a sort of brand on me. I'm branded "coward", old man, and the feel of it's not nice."

    Edith Nesbit, The Power of Darkness, 1905.

    Thanks a lot.
    Not a Teacher. A guy that is fond of old horror and weird literature.

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    Re: There's no reasoning about

    It means that "reason" (logic) is no help in getting past this strange feeling.

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