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    the work of the hand


    “Maybe it would be foolish to try to recreate a world of the past when the work of the hand was ubiquitous, but the sentiment is never far from my awareness.”

    From "The Re-Enchantment of Everyday Life" by Thomas Moore

    The writer is talking about how the presence of hand in making things makes the things more personal.

    Does “work” here refer to the process/activity of work involving using hands or something produced or accomplished by work( for example, a painting, a hand-written book)?
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    Re: the work of the hand

    You should not segregate the word work from the phrase "work of the hand", as the phrase defines the meaning. This passage speaks of a time before machines, when people made things by hand (or 'as a work of the hand') and so each thing could be described as "a work of the hand".

    Don't get bogged down by expecting one perfect understanding of an author's meaning. It's quite normal- and part of the writer's (and the reader's) art to be ready to understand a passage in two different but related ways at the same time.

    FYI: Be careful in your use of the word 'or' when you want help in choosing between two alternatives. You used the word two times in a way that could be confusing (seems as if there are three choices).

    Better to express your question as: Does “work” here refer to the process/activity of work involving using hands or does it mean 'something produced or accomplished by work' (for example, a painting or a hand-written book)?
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