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    The Trials of Simon Erikson

    Hi, I was reading this story and got to this part

    "Polygamy dissembles majesty; extracts redeem polarity; causes
    hitherto exist. Ovations pursue wisdom, or warts inherit and
    condemn. Boston, botany, cakes, folony undertakes, but who shall
    allay? We fear not. Yrxwly,
    I know it is just playing with words, but does folony mean anything in English? Felony, for instance?

    Thank you

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    Re: The Trials of Simon Erikson

    Hello Karitaru

    I can't find it in any dictionary; so I don't think it exists. It looks like a mixture of "colony" and "felony"; but its only function is to prefigure "followed", in context.

    All the best,



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