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    warm-up activities


    could someone give me some ideas of warm-up activities for my adult students? It is very difficult to motivate them to talk. They have good comprehension of written texts but they are very shy when it comes to talking. Could someone suggest something? Thank you

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    Re: warm-up activities

    Maybe play some word games with them? For example, I used to use a game called "Hink Pink." You give the class a definition, and they have to figure out (and shout out, or raise their hands, etc) and give the rhyming answer.

    What do you call an unsatisfactory father?
    Ans: Bad Dad

    What do you call an overweight feline?
    Ans: Fat Cat

    What do you call a large hog?
    Ans: Big Pig

    If the answer consists of two-syllable words, those are called "hinky pinkies" (to give your students a clue that the answers will be longer than the standard Hink Pink answers).

    What do you call a rabbit that tells jokes?
    Ans: Funny Bunny

    What do you call a silent weight-loss program?
    Ans: Quiet Diet

    The students seem to have fun with these, as they have to think a bit first, and it becomes a contest to see who can call out the answer first.

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