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    I found some Americans pronounced "d" very loudly in "and", especially when "and" was at the beginning of a sentence, and there's a little pause between "and" and the words they were going to say.

    For example, I went home. And, I read a book. ( This sentence is just made by myself, because now I don't remember what they said.)

    I feel this was because the speakers got stuck with what they were going to say at the moment, so they subconsciously prolonged the word "and", and made a little pause there, in order to create some time for thinking. I think "and" in such a context plays the similar role of "you know" which, I found, is common in American expression or expression of some speakers.

    Do you think this is correct?
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    Re: and

    Yes, that's possible, but it's use/inflection is sometimes used to stress what follows as in, "I had a large sandwich for lunch AND a piece of pie for dessert."

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