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Thread: bloody field

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    Re: bloody field

    Such imagery is pretty common when describing battlefields - blood-soaked, knee-deep in blood, rivers of blood, etc.

    Anybody who's seen even just one bad accident will tell you they didn't realize how much blood there is in a human body - up to 1.5 gallons. Multiply that by a major battle with several thousand to over a hundred thousand, depending upon your war, and it's no longer metaphorical.

    Granted not every single casualty will completely exsanguinate but say even 10,000 casualties lose just a single pint of blood, and you're looking at 1,250 gallons of blood. Considering some of your biggest battles in WWI and WWII had hundreds of thousands of casualties.....

    I managed to drop a roto-tiller on my shin once trying to unload it from my pickup. Needless to say, that lead to a trip to the emergency room, but it was simply amazing how much blood I lost before getting the flow under control. Not only was my boot entirely filled and over-flowing, but there was such a puddle that it became slippery to stand. It literally just poured out of my leg before I could get a shirt wrapped around it to stem it somewhat.
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