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    Re: I enjoy teaching English

    hi Mr.harry.
    Good to see your mail. I have a small doubt can you please correct it..letme know whether this sentence is correct.
    Micheal Jackson is my IDOL..
    Micheal Jackson is my IDEAL..
    give me the reason which one is correct and why.
    waiting for your reply..
    just send me to my email.. [email protected]

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    Re: I enjoy teaching English


    You would say Michael Jackson is my idol. An "ideal" is used to talk about ideas. Example: "My ideal weight is 150 pounds". To say a person is your "idol" you mean that you really respect that person and want to be like him. I hope this helped!

    Andrew Lawton
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    Re: I enjoy teaching English

    Hi everybody
    I teach English as a foreign language to intermediate/ Upper-intermediate pupils.OUR SECOND LANGUAGE IN TUNISIA is French. personnally I prefer ENGLISH. AS a non native English teacher, I try to check my pronunciation and vocabulary using sophisticated dictionaries and other available resources and of course this wonderful forum. I think that I have an acceptable english and after all even native speakers have different accents.we were taught according to the RP English or "QUEEN English but when I WENT TO England for my training period I was exposed to a variety of accents and even one of my tutors at university used to speak about "Tunisian English"

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    Re: I enjoy teaching English

    Quote Originally Posted by wuwei View Post
    Yes, this question is that I want to ask, too, I am in China, I do not have many opportunities to practise English, languange environment is so important for us.
    I really do not know how to speak English well and I do not know why I can not use the words I learned both in writting and speaking, could you tell us some effective way to improve our English level, Thanks.
    These questions are somehow related to my problems in teaching English to my students. The problems are they don't want to practice speaking English with their friends in classes that is why their speaking is vey poor while reading and writing may pose no problems for them. In that case, as a teacher what should I do?

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    Re: I enjoy teaching English

    Quote Originally Posted by Nguyen Tuyet View Post
    To share some method of teaching english with other teacher in this site is really usefull. I have learnt that from Harry......interesting method
    I totally agree with you. By the way, could you share any of your experiences of teaching English to Vietnamese learners?

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