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    TEFL/TESOL Certificate

    Hi all,

    I'm thinking of retiring early and I'm very serious about enrolling in an TEFL/TESOL certificate program mainly for tutoring for now, and perhaps doing part-time teaching later. I'm a US undergraduate from the 80s. I'v searched and found the following accredited training sites by ACTDED:

    Are the above reputable and can satisfy the need to do private tutoring for the ages between 15 and 35. Though I'm not perfect, I've a strong command of the English language and I'm very familiar with most of the grammatical techniques!

    I appreciate your valuable efforts and time.


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    Re: TEFL/TESOL Certificate

    Before joining any course, I would request details about exactly who recognises their course. There have been a number of questions raised about the quality of accreditation bodies. A course like the CELTA is recognised virtually everywhere, so it is a genuine qualification. They may enough for private tutoring, and if you are sure that you will only want to do that, then they might be enough, but if you should wish to work in an institution, they might not be, so check that carefully. Ask them simply if places like International House, the British Council, etc, would recognise it.

    Here's a somewhat cynical view of some of the bodies:
    (The information about the addresses of ACDTEC and Eurolink is out-of-date)

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    Re: TEFL/TESOL Certificate

    Thank you very much for your valuable advice. I've reviewed the info under the above link you provided, I'll certainly think about CELTA. You've been a great help!


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