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    Sop for MS in Mechanical Engineering

    I must admit that my interest in technology and its mechanizations have always been high. I have always cherished the fact that everything in nature has logical reasoning and the field of engineering was the obvious choice for me, for it always had an explanation for me. And to know that gaining such knowledge over the course of my academics was just the tip of the iceberg gives me immense satisfaction in knowing that there is much more to learn in this rigorously developing world. Moreover, this warrants the need for further education and I am gladly applying for Masters at Carnegie Mellon University.

    My interest in engineering was piqued when I couldn’t figure out why my parents, who were both highly qualified doctors, couldn’t fix my handicapped elder sister. She had no fingers on her left hand and looking at that missing part of the human anatomy would always spark new ideas in my head, thinking of ways to fill up that missing part. I have always cherished the fact that I had a curious nature and I am glad that that part of me has not degraded over the years. I decided to pursue Mechanical Engineering to help my handicapped sister and every other disabled person by understanding their needs because that is what engineering meant to me. Improving people’s lives. I did not see her handicapped hand as a disability. Rather, I saw it as an unfinished project by God that had infinite possible solutions. I love the fact that this need to help others blossomed into a fun learning experience in my engineering semesters.

    My Engineering semesters were laden with learning software and I learned to design in SolidWorks, CATIA, Pro-E, and AutoCAD which turned out to be even more engaging than I had anticipated. Learning Arduino IDE and Python were challenging but rewarding, knowing how much they contributed towards today's automation. Over my course of Mechanical Engineering, I also gained knowledge on subjects like Design of Machine Elements, Finite Element Analysis, Strength of Materials and Mechatronics which in turn helped me in learning analysis software such as Ansys, MATLAB and HyperMesh. These applications were an integral part in developing my interest in Robotics and Design.
    The software led me to research into different fields and I explored Computational Fluid Dynamics as I had been assigned a research topic on Design and Fabrication of Industrial Mixer. I designed the shaft using analytical calculations and used SolidWorks flow simulation for results. The results were published but the tiresome fluid dynamics study and the interesting design research gave me a definite idea as to which field I wanted to study further in.

    I loved studying about automation and how the industry was leaning on robots to increase efficiency and that gave me the idea to create a robotic hand for my sister which would be controlled by her other functional hand and would be operated with the help of servo motors and flex sensors. In a way, I was hoping to increase her efficiency. And the best part about this project was that it was all done under $70 and the Indian part of me couldn’t help but feel proud. This project was an opportunity to showcase that even the poor, disabled people could afford to have a little bit more functionality into their lives. I recognized a lot of potential applications for robotics in human prosthesis and I decided to pursue my Masters in your University to gain further knowledge in this opportunistic field. I believe I will be able to contribute to your institution and help in developing better anthropomorphic prosthetics that would someday be used by people, for growing up with a disabled sister instilled in me, a penchant for helping people and a first-hand view on the difficulties faced by them.

    Carnegie Mellon is an ideal choice of university for me as it is well- known Robotics department, and for its research faculty, especially Professor Hartmut Geyer, whose research on Control of Powered Segmented Legs for Humanoid and Rehabilitation Robotics based on Neuromechanical Models of Human Locomotion and wearable robotics has garnered my interest. The University also has an excellent learning environment in which I intend to work tirelessly.

    The university also boasts a rich cultural and diverse group in which I am excited to study and exchange ideas. I look forward to sharing my country’s cultural values in your society and am eager to gain insight into yours. I am confident that I will contribute towards the university’s vision of innovating society using my ingenuity, analytical skills, and personal interest.

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    Re: Sop for MS in Mechanical Engineering

    You have posted the same SOP in another forum. [link]

    We recommend posting a question on one forum only initially. If you do not get a satisfactory answer from that forum and you feel that you have exhausted its possibilities, then of course trying a different forum might help. It is only courteous however, to tell the second forum that you have already asked the question on another forum and then give a precis of the answers you received there, or provide a link to it, along with an explanation of why you are now looking elsewhere.

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