Dear teachers,

I have two questions to ask:

I found in my dictionary that one of the meanings of 'over' is 'during'. So could you please explain if I can replace 'over' with 'during' in the following sentence?

Can we discuss it over lunch?


The following is from a text in my textbook:

Michael and his two brothers were imbued by their parents with the desire to learn and the drive to work hard. Evern so, stories about the middle boy began to be told early.
The translator who translated the text for us translated 'middle boy' as 'young man'. But I think it means there are three boys in the family. Michael has an older brother and a younger bother. And he is the second son of their parents. That's why the expression 'middle boy'. Could you please tell me if my interpretation is correct or not?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you in advance.