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    Please check this post in my blog

    Please proofread this one, thanks in advance, teacher !

    Boiling over...

    My introversion is not in dispute. And thus, my imaginary solitude is not much a surprise. It's a general assumption that no man is an island. One can hardly make progress without leaning on somebody else. I have long embraced this belief deeply. I have long taken it for granted irrespective of to what extent it still remains incontestable.

    My recent behaviors, however, stood in contrast to that long-held conviction. All began with a nice but emotional text-chat between me and her. She poured her heart to me. But don't get it wrong. She only gave me words, full of condemnation, laden with criticism. I bet her endurance has reached its limit, her patience has worn thin and her feeling has, simply enough, fizzled out.

    She's said she would no longer make friend with me, contending that I myself didn't want to befriend with her. According to her, what she gained from talking to me was a disheartening indifference. And what she received from giving me words of advice, was a deliberate rebuff, instead of a sense of gratitude or sincerity, from me.

    Our friendship was at stake. I did tried to save the day. I did tried to calm her down but in vain. My placatory words were helpless in the face of her strong grievance. It dawned on me that what she might need then, were some peaceful moments. Knowing that all the justification could only make feeble excuses, I stayed silent. So did she.

    The next day, we hardly saw each other... And I knew this's gonna be a rocky start for my friendship with her....

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    Re: Please check this post in my blog

    She poured her heart to me- poured her heart out
    But don't get it wrong.- I'd use 'me wrong'
    advice, was- no comma
    then, were- no comma
    this's gonna- I'd use the past tense

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