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    Fourth and fourteen ?

    I am looking for an explanation of the above phrase. I quess it has something to do with sport (football?).
    Could someone help me?

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    Re: Fourth and fourteen ?

    In American football, a team has 4 attempts (downs) to advance the ball at least 10 yards (aprox. 10 meters) and earn another 4 downs. When it is first down, we say, "It's first and ten." If the team advances the ball 3 yards in their first attempt, then it is "second and seven" and so forth. If a team has been pushed back, they could have more than 10 yards to go in order to achieve a new first down. The team in this phrase has failed to advance the ball and is in serious trouble.

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    Re: Fourth and fourteen ?

    Thanks a lot!!

    Sounds complicated that American football


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