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  1. an English learner

    Thank you for your help.

    Again some reading comprehension questions of exam papers. Sorry the sentences below are so long. I put complete sentences here to give a context of the parts that I don't understand. The questions may be easy for native speakers but difficult for me to understand. Thank you very much.
    1) Skoll, as eBay's first president, stepped aside for more experienced management in 1998.(Does this sentence mean that in 1998 Skoll stepped aside to let more experienced people be the president?)
    2)Today he runs the San Jose-based Skoll Foundation, with assets of US$300 million. Most meaningful, though, is its mandate. (In this sentence, what does "mandate" mean?).
    3)Skoll, who enthuses about ApproTEC co-founder Martin Fisher, a Stanford PhD: "His vision is to expand this throughout all of Africa and essentially build a middle class." (In this sentence, "His vision" refers to Skoll's vision or Martin Fisher's vision?)

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    Re: Thank you for your help.

    1) Yes

    2) "mandate" means "authority" or "power"

    3) Here Skoll is enthusing (talking in an excited way)
    about Fisher. So, "his vision" refers to Fisher's vision.


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