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Thread: the creature

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    Re: the creature

    Quote Originally Posted by jutfrank View Post
    It's as if in our minds there's a finite list of inventions that we're consulting of which 'the television' is just one singular member.
    I think that's the reason you use a definite article after all, and so with the lion and the oak.
    As for the generalization of plural nouns by the noun (of course countable), I have now a fairly clear idea thanks to you and other native teachers.
    Incidentally as for category and hierarchy, those will be my future issues until I fully retire.

    By the way, there is something I forgot to say:
    In my reply to probus, I said I show in my class the 4 reasons for "the" being added to "meter", each of which seems reasonable to me and probably to my students.

    However, in fact I show them the 5th option: you (my students) are allowed to just bear in mind that "the" is added to meter, if you don't like (or find it hard) to understand any of the 4 reasons.
    In fact, I know, not all students are good at thinking logically or being reasonable, and they cannot take enough time to learn articles.
    (In particular they are poor at understanding the generalization / abstraction by the noun, which is so with Japanese teachers of English as well.) Probably about half of my students choose the 5th option, I of course accept saying to myself that language cannot be learned just by memorizing, but it can't be helped. (smile)

    I myself am not so reasonable in nature, but in spite of that, I usually try to be as reasonable as possible as a teacher.
    Thank you very much for your sincere answer.
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