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  1. ana laura

    Smile job interview

    hi. I would like to know if the reported text is correct.
    A job interview
    Reporting connected discourse:
    E: Please, sit down. Do you smoke?
    J.A: I do occasionally, but I donít like to when I am working.
    E: Where have you worked before?
    J.A: I spent six years as a receptionist in a doctorís office.
    E: Can you use the computer?
    J.A: Of course I can.
    E: Then Iíd like you to take this test.
    (After the test)
    E: You did well on the test. Iíd like to offer you the job.
    J.A: Thank you. When do you want me to start working?
    E: As soon as you like.
    J.A: Iíll be here on Monday morning.
    Some time ago, Louise applied for a job in a dental office and last Thursday she went for an interview. When she was shown into the office managerís office, he told her to sit down and asked her if she smoked. She told him that she did occasionally but she didnít like to when she was working. Then he asked her where she had worked before and she told him she had spent six years as a receptionist in a doctorís office. He wanted to know if she could use the computer and she replied that she could. He gave her a test and then said he would like to offer her the job. She thanked him and asked when he wanted her to start working. He replied that as soon as she liked and she said she would be there on Monday morning.
    Can it be "She promised to be there on Monday morning"?

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    Re: job interview

    It's fine. I think that 'she said she would' is better than using 'promise' because that seems a biut excessive for someone who has just been given an opportunity- I don't think she needs to reassure her new boss by promising.

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