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Thread: Verb "pollard"

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    Verb "pollard"

    I've tried to use "pollard" in my sentences. Have I made any mistakes? I'm not sure if my sentences sound natural.

    After John pruned and pollarded his oaks, his arms and shoulders hurt. He pollarded his trees every two years, and he hated to do it since his fall a few years before. He had slipped off the ladder and hurt his spine. His wife told him he should hire an arborist to do the job, but John would't hear of it. "They are my trees and nobody is going to touch them as long as I can move my limbs," he told her angrily.

    Or should I start instead with "After prunning and pollarding his oaks, John's arms and shoulders hurt."?
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    Re: Verb "pollard"

    I would use pruning/pollarding. Mind you, not that many speakers will understand pollard.

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