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    thank you

    Dear teachers,
    Thank you all very much for the answers given in the previous posts. I can look up words or phrases in a dictionary, but sometimes even if I know the meaning in the dictionary, I still can't figure out the meaning in the context. And sometimes a word may be printed wrongly or used wrongly by the author, that may confuse me more.
    1)Most naturalists don't work in places of rare beauty. Many work in city parks or in places that show "wear and tear."(What does "rare beauty" mean? And I can't figure out the logical relationship of the second sentence since "city parks", I think, are beautiful places, and "places that show 'wear and tear' are not beautiful places. Why does the author use "or" here? It seems that city parks are also places that are not beautiful.
    2)A strong mental game has always been part of elite sports. Michael Jordan, Nancy Kerrigan and Jack Nicklaus all practiced their moves mentally(In this sentence, what does " elite sports " mean?)
    3)Everybody is pretty much at the same level physically, says American diver Michelle Davison, "The difference comes down to who can hold it together mentally."(In this sentence, what does "it" refer to?)
    4)Through mental practice, he kept stimulating the networks of connected neurons where his skill was embroidered,( In this sentence, what does "embroidered" mean? If it's a wrong word here, how to change it?
    5)The combined effects of skin aging can cause increased bruising and skin tears.(In this sentence, I don't understand "skin tears".)
    A million thanks!

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    Re: thank you

    rare beauty = great beauty, unusually great
    The writer uses 'or' because people work in one not both of the places. parks may be beautiful, but they are often not well-maintained
    elite sports- the top, mot competitive ones
    hold it together = not lose control. 'it' doesn't really have a reference
    embroidered- strange word, but the neuron interweave like threads making a pattern


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