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    Can you Correct My Essay Please

    In have to Speak on the Topic "Happiest Moment Of my Life ' For 90 seconds

    I have Prepared my Essay

    but As i am Not too good In english vocabulary I need to correct my essay

    so Please Help me
    Thanks a lot


    The Most Happiest Day in my life is the day I started my career, i.e. The day I felt that I have achieved something and going to stand on my own legs.

    I finished my computer course on April 2002 and I had mixed feelings about my career, as how Iím going to survive in this world, and don't know where to put my first step. Then finally I got an interview call from Beyondex on 21st May 2002, and I started the journey to Chennai and hoping it could be my first step into the corporate world.

    And I performed well in the interview and they told me to wait for an hour to get the results. I sat down in the company corridor gripped with lot of emotions and feelings and thinking of my future. And at 12PM, they pasted the list of selected persons in the notice board, and I was frantically searching for my name in the list. And the MOMENT when I saw my name in the list, my eyes filled with tears and joy knowing that doors has finally opened.

    That was the MOST HAPPIEST DAY in my life.

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    Re: Can you Correct My Essay Please

    on April 2002- in
    as how Iím- as to/about how I was
    and hoping- delete 'and'
    And I performed well- ditto
    MOST HAPPIEST DAY- delete 'most'

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