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    Is this understandable

    I am translating a web for a friend, is this understandable; any suggestions to improve it will be greatly appreciated?

    I am pleased to present our company

    It is our intention, that from this web page you will be able to observe the various services that our company offers concerning private security, from physical security, up to the use of the most modern electronic technology that situates us within the market as one of the companies with the greatest future projections.

    --------., meticulously chooses its Human Resources pool, understanding the quality of people, and at the same time reciprocating in quality of services.

    Our personnel, after a rigorous selection and background verification, are trained in the general duties to become a professional security guard, in private functions as well as in special objectives.

    The follow-up and control of these works is the incessant activity of our supervisors and operations managers, just like the constant visits carried out to our clients, to define new proposals or confirm compliancy of our services.

    That is why we invite you to choose technological or physical Security Services of ------------ that is synonym of choosing responsibility, quality and for your company, tranquility.

    We will help you develop an effective security policy

    -----------. Will collaborate with you, not only in the election of the most convenient service type for your company, but also in the study of future growth projections, in such a way that the service will perfectly adopt, without modifications, with additions.

    What does this mean..?

    The security systems of -------- possesses all the necessary flexibilities to be updated at the moment that the demands are produced.

    Initially establishing a security policy means that the costs of the systems are notably reduced and there are no risks of modifications that could harm the provision and quality of said service.

    The development of a security policy is similar to creating an informatics program, where the creator has to take into account all the parameters that the same has to cover.

    Good planning in security always concludes with an excellent administration of service.

    thanks Daniel

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    Re: Is this understandable

    A few thoughts:

    intention, that- no comma
    security, up- no comma
    situates us- places us
    --------., meticulously- no comma
    reciprocating in quality of services- reciprocating what?
    become a professional security guard- plural
    service will perfectly adopt- adapt?????

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    Re: Is this understandable

    personel = staff

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    Re: Is this understandable

    Tdol and Cookson
    Thanks a million, I really do appreciate it

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