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Thread: i got swept out

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    i got swept out

    a skateboarder is doing a bunch of tricks and, out of the blue, he's saying:
    i got swept out.

    can someone please tell me what he means by that?

    i only know the expression in sports, during the playoffs, when a team sweeps another team out of the competition.

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    Re: i got swept out

    no idea, anyone?

    like maybe he had a bad fall, hence got thrown out of the line by a tricky slider or kicker?

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    Re: i got swept out

    The only sense of 'swept out' I can think of applies to surfing in the sea - taken away from the shore by a current.

    Perhaps skate-boarders have mistakenly borrowed surfers' jargon: when a surfer is knocked off his or her board, it is said to be a 'wipe-out'. This can become a verb: "I was wiped out by the big wave". But I really don't know about the jargon either of surfers or of skate-boarders, so I could easily have guessed wrong.



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