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    War. War never changes.

    I saw a meme and decided to write something on what I think about war. I need to brush up on my grammar and punctuation. Could you please read my something, and help me find any mistakes I've made?

    We live in one of the longest periods of peace in history. It's not the longest, though, and it's not perfectly peaceful. In 2014, a series of short recordings was published, Tanks with GoPro's™. A few people thought it would be a great idea to mount a GoPro on a tank in Syria, and put the videos on YouTube next to PewDiePie and funny cats. Thanks to Tanks with GoPro's™, we can see for ourselves what modern mechanized urban warfare looks like first-handed, from the point of view of a tank, in 4K. The meme above is not meant to promote the series, but I thought it would fit here nicely because of how brilliantly it shows the grotesqueness of the current geo-political situation against the background of technological and sociological development of humanity, and it also complements the opening paragraph.

    It's easy to think that it was them who started World War Two, the greatest military conflict in history, but it was just 80 years ago, and these people were just as capable of committing zealous murder as we are. I might even add to it that it's just what happens when a bunch of people with medieval mentality gets their hands on modern technology and industrial efficiency, and the word medieval would not be entirely derogatory. After all, can you get closer to a modern knight, jousting on his trusty steed to kill enemies in armor, than a tank, driven by its trusty engine and with a weapon that can pierce the enemy's tons weighing armor? We are not that much different from them; it's just that global war, at the current stage of technology, would mean the end of our spieces, so World War Three is off the table.

    Not only did it take detonating two nuclear bombs on the Japanese cities of Hisoshima and Nagasaki to stop humanity, which has now witnessed how frighteningly efficient at genocide it's become, from slaughtering itself, but it also took shifting the predominant type of government in the world to a much more democtratic one. Democracies, in which the head of state is elected for a limited period of time, don't care about territorial gains as much as more totalitarian types of government do, where the head of state pretty much owns the country, and can exercise abusing power to fulfill personal ambitions. However, I believe it's technology that is key here. Not just the technology that achieves peace through intimidation of being used, but also the technology that has made our lives easy and comfortable. If we want to stop the warring countries in the Middle East from fighting, we should send them iPhones - nobody will feel like fighting anymore.

    Even though we can't afford starting an all-out global war, we fantacize about it. Stories of postapocalyptic worlds, doomed to rise humanity from the scraps of what's left after it destroyed itself, are among best-sellers. Star Wars goes all the way up with showing what the author thinks interstellar warfare would look like despite the fact that such wars would require ridiculous advancement in technology in order to achieve military precision and maneuverability in the vastness of space, advancement that is simultaneously destined to pacify humanity. And we have video games in which we can test our prowess on virtual battlefields, and show how we can dominate over the meek by using our superior strength. We're not that much different from them; we just have better things to do.

    I despise war in any shape or form, but at the same time, I admire it for how much it pushes scientists to creating new technology, technology that is like a knife, which can be used to either stab people, or spread butter.
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    Re: War. War never changes.

    Your thread title reminds me of Fallout 4. LOL
    To live only for some future goal is shallow. It's the sides of the mountain that sustain life, not the top.

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