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    Lightbulb is it a noun string?

    is this construction of the sentence right?

    to obtain the optimum electrical transmission performance, ensure that the wires connected to pins 1 and pins 2 are twisted , and the wires to pins 3 and pins 4 are also twisted.

    one of my colleague says that electricasl transmission performance is a noun string, and that electrical is redundant.

    But my view point is it is needed electrical tranmission performance... is needed.

    any more thoughts...

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    Post Re: is it a noun string?

    Since it is the transmission of electricity, I think you might need "electrical" there.


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    Re: is it a noun string?

    If clarity is many times more important than style in this instance, you would keep "electrical" in the sentence. It isn't necessarily redundant, unless...
    If such "transmission" has already been clearly established to be electrical in the preceeding text, then continuing to identify it as such might sound redundant to the reader and you might well consider leaving "electrical" out.
    Personally, I've often appreciated such redundacy in technical instructions. Where safety or performance are concerned, clarity wins out over style.
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