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    Correction - help

    I´d like to ask you for correction of this report. The task was to write report to marketing depatment and describe trade fair that I have visited recently and explain why it could good for our company to take part in it.

    Thanks in advance

    Trade fair in England

    This report outlines a desription of a trade fair PC 2006 that I visited from 22nd to 25th July in London. It also gives practical suggestion for taking part in PC 2007 next year and explain how it could be benefited.

    Decription of PC 2006
    Firstly, PC 2006 is one of the biggest computer trade fair round the world. It took place in big sports hall in residential suburb of London. This year more than 200 000 visitors visited about 1000 stands and presentations of computer companies such as well-known ACER or Microsoft. Organisation of this great event was perfect and professional. Moreover, there were enough parking places, restaurants, pubs, toilets, bus and underground stops around this place so that it was easy to get there and spend ages by admiring exhibition of amazing computer inventions and technology.

    Benefits for our company
    Our company could participate in this important world-wide trade fair next year to present our products and notice what is demanded by public. It would be useful to recognize new trends and styles in computer business and gain new interesting source of inspiration. In addition, it could help to find new business contacts for establishing a long-lasting cooperation and improve our contemporary situation as well.

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    Re: Correction - help

    trade fair PC 2006 - trade fair, PC 2006,
    practical suggestion - if singular then use the indefinite article, if not, then use the plural
    be benefited- be improved
    one of the biggest computer trade fair- fairs
    round the world- in
    big sports hall in residential suburb- a...a
    200 000- 200,000
    Organisation- the
    spend ages by admiring exhibition- spend ages admiring the exhibition

    PS- Petr, what's your first language? Central European? You miss quite a few articles.

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