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    Thanks in advance..............

    For any help with this fragment.

    usually I am not so bad with English, (My first language is Spanish), but my psychology teacher takes points away for every grammar mistake. I am freaking out, and because of the pressure, I am doing more mistakes in every homework. Could somebody please help me ?

    1- The theory of multiple intelligences proposes nine different intelligences; each one based on some special quality or ability in the individual. Traditionally, only two aptitudes have been used to determine intellect level: linguistic and mathematical. Gardner, the creator of this theory, uses another seven skills: spatial visualization, musical comprehension, interpersonal and intrapersonal abilities, naturalistic interest, kinesthetic abilities and existential reasoning. The final goal will be, for schools, to train their teachers to present their lessons in a broad variety of ways.
    Elsa *

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    Re: Thanks in advance..............

    In the first sentence, change the semi colon to a comma because the second clause is not independent.

    In the third sentence, change both uses of abilities to ability. Since the other examples cited (visualization, etc.) are all in the singular, ability should be singular, also. This is called parallel structure.

    In the last sentence, remove both commas.

    By the way, I think your English is excellent. You express yourself like an educated native speaker.

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    Thumbs up Re: Thanks in advance..............

    Agreed on all counts, especially the last. I'd add that the phrase 'intellect level' strikes me as rather odd, although this may be the jargon of psychology. If it's not jargon (something you've heard a psycologist say) I'd use either 'the level of someone's intellect' or 'intellectual level'. (I've no idea why, it'd just sound better - to my hearing).


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    Re: Thanks in advance..............

    Thank you! Thank you!

    I will investigate more about Parallel structure, and your right, it has to be :

    Intellectual, not intellect.

    Thank you very much!!

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